Homework Helper

“If I don’t know a word in my reading, I can just text Feykena.” – Student

When they need help while doing their homework, students can text a word or question to get a real-time definition or answer, giving students the power of a dictionary and encyclopedia at their fingertips. Students are able to look up the words and things they need to know in order to complete their homework.

STEAM Test Preparation

“It’s a great way to quiz my kids and keep them prepared for school.” – After-School Program Administrator

Whether on-the-go or at home, students can win points and get tested with STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) questions. Administrators and parents can create or customize these questions for their kids. Students get test prep in a fun way through an engaging medium.

Insights Portal

“I can see how my students are doing, areas where each are excelling and where they need help.” – Parent

Parents and administrators can access reports and data on student or class progress to see where these children excel or may need additional help.